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how much is a wedding videographer?


One of the best ways to capture all the special moments and relive your wedding day is to hire a professional wedding videographer. When planning your wedding and considering all the costs it's understandable that wedding videography is and expense some couples say they can do without. But, most couples who hire a wedding videographer say they were happy they spent the money for the additional coverage and that there's just nothing like. watching their wedding day on video.

Regardless if you are having a more intimate yet elegant wedding or you are going all out for a large scale grand wedding, if you are considering wedding videography for your wedding you should be considering hiring a top-rated wedding videographer to capture all the special moments from your wedding day. So what will a wedding videographer cost you? The cost of hiring a professional wedding videographer can vary based on when and where you are getting married, the experience level of the wedding videographer you hire as well as some other factors, but a good, professional wedding videographer should cost you at least $2,500. Booking with Cosmo Losco Films you will be getting some of the best wedding videographer services available.


The farther you book in advance the better opportunity you will have to book a top wedding videographer. On average, booking a best wedding videographer like Cosmo Losco Films you should consider booking 8-12 months in advance.


It is important, regardless of your budget, to hire a wedding videographer that will do an amazing job. With Cosmo Losco Films you will be getting the best wedding videographer services. When meeting with potential wedding videographers for your wedding, here are some questions that you should ask them:

What is your videography style?

Can I pick the music for my wedding video?

Have you worked with the wedding photographer I booked?

How long will it take to receive my wedding video?

How long have you been a wedding videographer?

Can I see samples of your work?

What is your editing process?

Have you filmed at my wedding venue before?

What are the prices for your wedding videography packages?


The best starting point for finding the best wedding videographer for your wedding day is to look for a top wedding videographer in your area by doing a simple Google search for "wedding videographer near me." Then you will want to read the reviews from past couples who have worked with your potential wedding videographer. Once you feel like a wedding videographer will be a good fit for you, contact that wedding videographer and set up a time to speak with them further to discuss the best wedding videography services for your wedding day. Yes, we know email is the preferred method of doing business these days but when it comes to hiring a wedding videographer you want to make sure you are hiring the best wedding videographer that shares your vision and fits your budget.


We will always recommend hiring the best wedding videographer for your wedding day. While it may cost a little bit more, hiring a top rated videographer will give you a better result in the end. There are some ways that you can still hire a top wedding videographer and save some money without sacrificing the quality of your wedding video.

STICK WITH THE BASICS: If you are looking to save some money on your wedding videography services stick with a basic wedding videography package that may only include a highlight film or raw footage. It is most important that you get complete coverage of your wedding day, longer edits and finalized products can always be added after your wedding if desired but you don't have to spend that money up front if you don't want to. When you hire Cosmo Losco Films as your wedding videographer you will always get the best wedding coverage and high quality final products even if you cut out the extras and just stick with the basics.

SHORTEN YOUR WEDDING COVERAGE: You can decide which portions of your wedding day are most important to you and adjust your coverage as needed to fit your budget. Cosmo Losco Films recommends at least 8 hours of wedding videography coverage.

All in all, if you are getting married and considering hiring a wedding videographer consider hiring one of the best wedding videographers like Cosmo Losco Films. While the costs may vary amongst wedding videographers, spending a little bit more on a top wedding videographer is worth the cost in the end. 

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