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FLYING CAPABILITY: Client understands that that the capability of flying the drone is condition permitting and certain conditions may prevent our filmmakers from flying that cannot be determined until the day of your event. Conditions that we cannot fly a drone in are, but not limited to extreme heat or cold weather, any type of precipitation, fog, breezy, windy or gusty conditions above 20mph, locations surrounded by tall buildings, acts of God or other catastrophes, equipment malfunction, venue rules and restrictions and/or FAA regulated and restricted airspace.

REFUNDS & RE-SHOOTS: Drone coverage has no value and is not considered an add on, upgrade or paid feature for any package. Therefore, if our filmmakers are unable to fly the drone on the day of your event, Client is not entitled to any refunds. If our filmmakers are unable to fly and Client would still like drone footage, Client may choose to have our filmmakers return to the venue after your event date to film aerial/drone footage if permitted for an additional cost of $125.


Cosmo Losco Films makes every attempt to record the best audio possible during your event. However, certain conditions that are out of our control may impact the quality and ability to capture audio. These conditions may include, but are not limited to: Client turning off or disconnecting the wireless mic pack, wind, inability to connect to a third party sound system such as a venue sound system or DJ/Band soundboard or speaker, technical issues or poor connections as a result of third party equipment such as DJ/Band soundboards or speakers, third party changing the sound levels during recording, third party refusing to allow us to connect to their sound system, Speaker/Guest holding the microphone too far away, Speaker/Guest not using a microphone, equipment malfunction, power failure and other Acts of God.

In the event that the quality or ability to record audio at the event is impacted by conditions outside of Cosmo Losco Films' control, Client is not entitled to any refunds. 

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