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Wedding Films

Our modern, cinematic approach and emotionally driven films is what sets us apart. Our uniquely creative photojournalistic style allows us to capture every moment and memory of your wedding day organically, as the day unfolds. We use location, light and your unique vibe to craft and tell your love story through and unforgettable wedding film.

Wedding Photography

Experience wedding photography that goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of your wedding day with every candid moment. Our modern approach blends authenticity with artistic flair, ensuring your special day is captured with images as vibrant and unique as you.


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PERSONALIZED STORYTELLING: Tailored storytelling that reflects your unique journey, ensuring your video is as distinctive as you.

AWARD WINNING CINEMATOGRAPHY & PHOTOGRAPHY: Our skilled team adeptly captures every moment with cinematic precision in both photography and videography, spotlighting the emotions, details, and atmosphere of your wedding day.

CANDID & NATURAL: Specializing in capturing candid, natural moments that authentically portray the genuine emotions shared between you, your partner, and your loved ones, immortalizing the essence of your day in both mediums.

HAND-CRAFTED FILMS & PHOTOS: Meticulous post-production ensures polished and captivating visuals, complemented by carefully curated music and audio snippets that resonate with your story, resulting in bespoke photographic albums and cinematic films.

MEMORIES TO CHERISH: Our combined photography and videography services preserve the essence of your wedding day, providing you with timeless memories to relive and share with generations to come.


"They were literally the perfect fit for our wedding because they went above and beyond for my wife and I. They felt like they were family... I would highly recommend Cosmo to anybody and everybody! Thank you so much for everything and we’re beyond grateful for being a part of our wedding! BOOK COSMO ASAP!!!!!"

- Natalie & Francis

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